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What to see in Chartres: our must-see

Chartres’ cathedral © C’Chartres Tourisme – Studio Martino

Do you like old stones, castles and religious heritage ? Do you prefer archaeological digs and unusual discoveries ? We tell you what to visit in Chartres.

Essentials but not only…

Of course, the gothic Notre-Dame cathedral is a real flagship that you must visit during your stay with us. You will discover the wonderful work of the builders of the Middle Ages and you will be surprised by so much skill and expertise.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame of Chartres © C’Chartres Tourisme – Studio Martino

Also, in a completely different style, the Picassiette house will welcome you for an unusual exploration of this naïve-style building entirely encrusted with pieces of earthenware and glass. Amazing work by Raymond Isidore.

Maison Picassiette in Chartres © C’Chartres Tourisme – Studio Martino

Do not forget, the romantic Castle of Maintenon that invites you to daydream in its garden designed by Le Nôtre, close to its aqueduc which we owe to Vauban, an authentic dive into the 17th century, when the Sun King shone.

Castle of Maintenon © C’Chartres Tourisme – Studio Martino

Gems and nice breaks

What to see in Chartres and its surroundings ? Our land is full of places to visit and you will be able to, from the Camping de Chartres, spread out around to know the Terres de Chartres better ! Close to our accommodation, discover a remarkable site: the Gallo-Roman sanctuary of Saint-Martin-au-Val. It is one of the largest sanctuaries of Roman Gaul known to date. Tours are offered regularly.

Have a look at the architectural heritage of the lower town, along the Eure: its bridges and wash houses, then the Saint-André collegiate church tell us the story of the old town.

A more 20th century approach will lead you to the current media library, a neo-Gothic style building, former post office and labeled « Patrimoine du XXème siècle ».

Then, to join our century, you can tour the many footprints, frescoes or graffiti, left in the heart of the city by local or internationally renowned street artists. From Jean Moulin’s fresco by Jimmy C. a stone’s throw from the cathedral to Notre-Dame du wifi (Our Lady Wifi) d’EZK, they tell us about the city today.